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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Skin Care - Raw Honey and Almond Oil!!!!

So I have been doing a several posts about Skin Care .... I have been way to excited about the things that I have been using lately. It's been working, so I have to share!!!! I hope this will help someone else :)

I did a previous post on Almond Oil and I have been using it for the past couple of months... I have also done a post about a mask that I started using with Honey, Sugar and other ingredients that you can find in your kitchen ( I will put the link to those posts at the end).

Since my skin has been staying clear (it's been about 6 months since I have had a severe breakout), I have minimized what I have been using on my face and decided to do a Honey Mask and use Almond oil as my moisturizer. I have been doing the Honey Mask for about 3 weeks and have notice that my skin has been getting a lot smoother...

I only do the mask 2 - 3 times a week (Honey is pretty strong, so you don't and shouldn't use it everyday)

Here is my routine when I do the Mask... (I do the mask during the day on one day and sometimes at night before I go to bed on a different day... )

First I start off by cleansing my face... I use Dr. Bonner's Peppermint Soap (I started using it last year, and fell in love with how it made my skin feel)
I use this Soap only in the day time.... ( I use Regular Unscented Bar soap at Night)
I rinse my face off with Warm water, so that it opens my pores
This is the Raw Honey that I have been using... I bought it at Sprouts and there is a smaller size that they sale then the one I have

Second while my face is still wet, I take the Honey and rub it all over my face (you can rub the honey on your face when it is Dry as well, but because honey is sticky... it is just easier for me on a wet face)

The Honey does tingle a little...

I let the honey sit on my face for about 5 mins, so that it has sometime to work into the skin.
Then, after the 5 mins I rinse my face off with Warm water, then Splash with Cold water (so that my pores close)
I let my Face Air dry after I rinse it, I stopped towel drying my face a couple of years ago, and have found it to be very beneficial in keeping my skin clear ( I know it sounds crazy, but try it... I know it's not for everyone though)

When my face is all dry (I have done my hair and finished getting dressed by this time) I use Almond Oil as my Moisturizer. You don't need a lot... about a dime to quarter size is good. Just rub it in!!!!
This is what my skin looks like after I am done... I use to have a lot of scaring a long my jaw line and on my cheeks, and it has been fading away. The Almond Oil and the Honey give a Healthy Glow!!! I love it.

That's all there is to it... it may seem like it takes a little time, but once you develop your own routine the time goes by quickly :)

Here are my previous posts about my skin care journey:

Since I have been taking care of my skin the Natural way, I have had way better results then I have ever had before. It has been so much better then using all the other products that I have tried. I wish I started this years ago....

I hope others will try it too!! Let me know if you like it and have seen a difference in the way how your skin looks and feels.

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  1. Hey I'm Shamiya. I found you on the brown girl link up :)
    The almond oil looks a lighter than I expected! It gives you a nice natural glow.


    1. Hi Shamiya :) I am very excited about the Brown Girl link up, Glad you found me there. Your daughter is So Cute. I took a look at your Blog.
      Yea the Almond oil is pretty light and it's not a very think oil, which is one reason why I like it so much. Thank you for reading :)

  2. I've had my fiance try out a few of your remedies because he skin breaks out as well and it looks so much better. I think we should both try this one.

    1. Yay that's good!!! I am glad it is working for him. let me know how you like this one when you try it :)

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