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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Skin Care!!!!

In this post I have decided to get a little personal, and share something that has been for several years now very touchy. I haven't really ever opened up and shared with anyone what I have gone through with my skin. I have felt like people assume with out asking questions and judge before they really know what is going on. It has been a hard road for me as a model to talk about my skin, because everyone expects PERFECTION, and if you don't have perfect skin you are NO GOOD (this is my personal feeling and I know that I haven't been booked with some people, because of it...). Anyway I am saying all of this to begin by saying I am an Acne Sufferer!!!!

It all started for me going in to Adulthood, after I graduated High School, which was strange for me and I really felt like there was really something wrong. I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to think, I felt like life was over for me... Especially because I had started Modeling and I was a dancer, so I was performing and was in front of people a lot. I would often cry before leaving my house, because my breakouts would be sooo bad. I have had countless people asking me questions about what I am using, try to suggest different products to me and it was such a sensitive subject for me that sometimes I would burst in to tears, because I didn't really feel like people cared about how I felt on the inside they just looked at how I looked Outside. On the inside I really had low self esteem, I really didn't feel pretty, I became more shy and didn't really talk to much. I really didn't feel comfortable with people looking at me, and I'm sure all of this sounds crazy, because I was on stage a lot and had people looking at me all of the time. I pretended like everything was ok, and it wasn't, for years I have not been ok with my skin! I have tried every 3 step system known to man, all kinds of products for sensitive skin, ect ect... it would work for a hot minuet, but didn't last!!!!! Up until this past year I didn't really find anything that really worked for me.

This past year it was really time for me to change!!!! I have been going more natural with everything... My hair, the food I eat and now my skin, and it has truly been an amazing journey and I hope that I can be an inspiration to someone else.

In the past couple of years, health has become more and more a big part of my life as far as eating, so I decided to do some research on natural skin care, and I have been experimenting some different mixtures that have been working very well for me, and I am excited to share.

I do 2 different things.... I have a daily skincare regime and a weekly one.

For Daily I have a night time soap and a day time soap that I wash my face with.
Day time I wash my face with a Pepper Mint Soap (I use Dr. Bronners Magic Soap, I buy it from Target... not sure where else it is sold) The soap is kind of strong, so I only use it once a day.
Night time I use just regular ordinary soap (Dove sensitive skin, no fragrance).
every once in a while at night I also use Clean and Clear Deep Action cleanser.
I wash my face with COLD water and let it dry then put an Acne medication gel w/ Benzoyl Peroxide on the little spots that I have breakouts and moisturize with Almond Oil (I use it both Day and Night) (Coconut oil is good as well).

Now I know a lot of people get concerned with too much oil on their skin, and I myself do have naturally oily skin, but don't worry it soaks pretty well into the skin and is like a calming solution. You can always pat down the excess oil.

My Weekly care is where I experiment....... and I have found a pretty good system

I make a mask with Olive oil, Honey (I have used both Raw and other natural types), Lemon Juice, Baking Soda, and Sugar. I have also put Cinnamon in the mixture as well, but I don't use it all of the time.
I use about a Teaspoon or 2 of each and stir it together, until it is a paste. 
I lightly rub the mixture all over my face let it sit for a couple of minuets then wash off with Cold water.
I use it a couple times a week (2 -3).... 
It can be pretty strong, so you kind of have to feel it out and decide how many times you want to use it per week. Also, don't be afraid to experiment and see what works for you :).

Here's what it looks like on...

After I use the mixture I put it in the Refrigerator and I use it for a couple of weeks, then make more later.

After I wash off the mask with cold water and let my face dry, I moisturize with Almond Oil and this is what I look like. My skin always feels so good after I do this mask and I have seen such a big improvement in my skin, and It makes me feel good. :) 

I don't have perfect skin and I know that, but I am working on it and will continue to take care of my self and stay healthy!!!

Here are some other things that I recommend:
*try Cinnamon and honey Mix it together, pat it on breakouts or little bumps that you might have let it sit (you can leave it over night) or wash it off before you go to sleep. 
*Mineral Makeup I have noticed, because it is more natural and has less chemicals, it works better on my skin and keeps me from getting breakouts.
*Use SPF now you know that sunscreen is good for you right!, Well me being African American and being Brown Skin, I didn't think that I really needed to use it as much as people who don't have dark skin... Sooo wrong! SPF is so important for everyone, and there are a lot of moisturizers and primers now that have it. Protect your skin from the sun!! I put it on under my makeup :)
* More Fruit More Veggies Having a better diet, drinking more water, eating fruit and vegetables, and eating more natural foods, I have noticed has had a big impact on me and the way how my skin looks. Better diet Better life! 

I don't know everything, but I hope that this post will be helpful for others that may have had the same issues as me, or maybe you know someone and can share it with them. I am going to continue to learn more and share as I find out other things as well :)


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